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Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees

New York Medical University is a globally recognised medical institute that provides medical education in various fields. NYMU focuses of helping the students develop and grow in various areas so that they can be the part of the respectable medical society and help people all around the world with the help of their knowledge and skills.

New York Medical University attracts people from all around the world, this is the reason that we have such a diverse staff as all of our teachers and instructors comes from many different places and countries. All of these people help the students in their own way as they have their own experiences from which they gained exceptional knowledge which they use to teach the students in the best possible way. New York Medical University is a perfect place for you to develop your skills and knowledge and do something remarkable in medical society.

New York Medical University, Curacao


16 Weeks each
SemesterFee (in USD)WeeksMonthsYear
Semester I$4,000164




Semester II$4,000164
Semester III$4,000164
Semester IV$4,000164

16 Weeks each

SemesterFee (in USD)WeeksMonthsYear
Semester I$4,500164





Semester II$4,500164
Semester III$4,500164
Semester IV$4,500164
Semester V (Pre-Clinical)$4,500164
CLINICAL SCIENCESCore Rotation – 48 Weeks Elective Rotation – 24 Weeks
SemesterFee (in USD)WeeksMonthsYear
Semester I$4,000123





Semester II$4,000123
Semester III$4,000123
Semester IV$4,000123
Semester V$4,000123
Semester VI$4,000123
Total Fee for 5.5 Years$62,500216  
Seat Reservation Fee$1,000One Time  
Registration Fee$800One Time  
Health Insurance$640Per Year  
Student Govt Association$50Per Year  
Immigration Documents Submission$500One Time  
Books & Library Association$500Per Year  
Tuition and fees are subject to change without prior notice as deemed appropriate by the University
Student’s Clinical Fee and Service Fee are subjet to proration  
  • Admission Charge 500 US $ for First Year Only.
  • Processing Charges 1000 US $ for First Year Only.
  • Clinical Practice/observation fee to be paid separately.
  • Examination fee 500 US $ Per Term and Clinical Evaluation

Top Medical University in New York isn’t something that you can be called every other day, there must be some obvious reasons for that. For NYMU there are more than enough reasons for it to be called the top Medical University in New York. From its staff to its campus, from its crowd to the surroundings of the university, from its housing facilities to its campus, there are more than enough reasons.

If you are wiling to be a part of the top medical university of New York then you’ll have to be dedicated and passionate for what you are doing and prove it with your hard work. Here at NYMU you’ll always finds students and staff helping and at the same time being competitive in a healthy way, which will help students to find their weakness and strongpoints and work on both of them.