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New York Medical University (NYMU) requires all full-time students who have not successfully completed the Medical Sciences 4- or 5-semester curriculum to reside in NYMU On-Campus Housing located at the Villages at Coverley unless the student is: 

  • With accompanying companions/dependents whose needs cannot be met by NYMU Student Housing
  • Living with local family in Curacao
  • Has a disability that cannot be accommodated within the NYMU living environment

Students seeking special housing accommodations or exemptions must complete that request and submit corresponding documentation within the NYMU Housing Application. All requests must be approved by the Associate Dean of Student Affairs or designee. Additional exemption information will be available on the NYMU Housing Portal. 

All students MUST complete the NYMU Housing Application on the Housing Portal once it goes live in mid-November. Any current or incoming student who fails to complete the Housing Application will be assigned on-campus housing and charged accordingly. 


• Category 5 hurricane strength concrete construction with shatter resistant film on each window

• Security on site 24/7

• Four-month leases with no deposit: Most landlords in Curacao require first and last month’s rent PLUS a deposit, in addition to a one-year lease

• NYMU provided transportation pickup location at Coverley to/from academic campus

• NYMU Campus Offices including Counseling Services and Campus Life

• Campus events on-site, including intramural sports on property

• Student Group meeting space & student lounge

• Convenient services within Coverley Community

  • Fresh Market Grocery Store
  • Medical Clinical & Pharmacy
  • Multiple Restaurants
  • Local Bank
  • Gym (including group classes)

• Appliances: Electric stove/oven, refrigerator, kettle, microwave oven and high efficiency washer/dryer

• Kitchen: Plates, glasses, coffee cups, silverware, basic cooking utensils, pots/pans, food storage containers, waste basket, cookie sheet, cutting board, pot holders and mixing bowls

• Living Room: Couch, chair, coffee table, end table, kitchen table/chairs or bar/stools, ceiling fan, smoke detector and fire extinguisher

• Bedrooms: Full bed (53” x 75”), nightstand, desk, chair, wardrobe/closet, ceiling fan, air-conditioner, desk lamp, smoke detector, hangers (18), blinds on full-size windows, dry erase board (3’ x 4’) and chair cushion

• Bathrooms: Shower curtain/rod and waste basket

• Other: Swiffer wet dry mop, plunger and electric fly swatter


All three-bedroom units have one bedroom with a private bathroom (Tier 1 Pricing) and two bedrooms that share a bathroom (Tier 3 Pricing). 

  • Tier 1 Pricing: Room with Private Bath in 3-Bedroom Unit (95-110 SF)
  • Tier 3 Pricing: Room with Shared Bath in 3-Bedroom Unit (95-110 SF)

All four-bedroom units have two bedrooms with a private bathroom (Tier 2 Pricing) and two bedrooms that share a bathroom (Tier 4 Pricing).

  • Tier 2 Pricing: Room with Private Bath in 4-Bedroom Unit (110-125 SF)
  • Tier 4 Pricing: Room with Shared Bath in 4-Bedroom Unit (95-110 SF)

Each student will have a dedicated bedroom assignment. Pricing structure:

  • Tier 1: Room with Private Bath in 3-Bedroom Unit
  • Tier 2: Room with Private Bath in 4-Bedroom Unit
  • Tier 3: Room with Shared Bath in 3-Bedroom Unit
  • Tier 4: Room with Shared Bath in 4-Bedroom Unit

NYMU will only assign gender-same roommates. If students of differing genders agree to live together they must all select each other as roommates first and then may be placed in a 3- or 4-bedroom unit accordingly as space permits. This placement may only be sustained if all agreed parties remain enrolled and on-campus.

Students will only be granted permission to live in a unit below the stated occupancy (i.e. two students sharing a three-bedroom unit) IF space is available. If granted, a premium charge will be applied.


Students who choose to bring non-student companions or dependents with them to Curacao have two options available to them within on-campus housing.

Option 1:
  • Special discounted 3BR family units for students with non-student companions or children are available on a limited basis. Approval is based on availability.
  • For application to be considered student must select the family-unit lease. Once granted, families will be guaranteed a family unit for the duration of their time enrolled in medical sciences curriculum with continued documentation of companion/dependent stay.
  • Maximum occupancy = Two adults, five people total
Option 2:
  • Students with non-student companions may choose to share a Tier I or Tier II bedroom (private bath) within a general student unit as long as all roommates agree.

Housing Application Fee: $250 (one time non-refundable fee). Pet Fee: $500/semester (non-refundable) Only applicable to students with a pet.

Student Pricing/semester (Prices in USD)*
  • Tier 1: 3BR Single Bath = $4,840/semester/student
  • Tier 2: 4BR Single Bath = $4,640/semester/student
  • Tier 3: 3BR Shared Bath = $4,240/semester/student
  • Tier 4: 4BR Shared Bath = $4,040/semester/student
Family Unit Pricing
  • 3BR = $8,640/semester

Rent includes property management, exterior and interior maintenance, personal property insurance, deep cleaning between each semester, Wi-Fi, trash pickup, monthly utility allotment (water, electric, & sewer), parking and gym membership. 

*Non-student companions approved to share a bedroom in a general student unit pay a

$500/semester amenities and administration fee.


Selected Policies: Pets

  • Pets are permitted, with approval, in NYMU Student Housing
  • “Pets” are defined as dogs or cats less than 40 pounds
  • Students may choose “pet-friendly” housing upon application to either bring a pet or live in a unit where pets are allowed
  • No more than one pet per student and two total pets per unit are permitted
  • Fish do not count at “pets” for the purposes of this policy and are permitted in a five-gallon or less tank
  • Additional information will be released about pet restrictions and Curacao import policies shortly
Housing requests will be granted to groups using the following prioritized classifications:
  1. Students enrolled in medical sciences curriculum (1st – 5th semesters)
  2. Spouses/families of current medical sciences students (i.e. family housing)
  3. Students in good standing who are studying for Comp/Step (must sign full-semester lease regardless of length of time staying)
  4. Student requests for lower occupancy (i.e. Two students sharing a three-bedroom unit)
Space will be the limiting factor to allow any non-student on-campus housing.

For the January 2019 Semester, current students will be asked to give preferences regarding items such as roommates, housing type (3BR/4BR), bedroom type (private or shared bath) and housing floorplan. The housing team will then generate assignments using those preferences. Student preferences will be granted in order using criteria such as current semester, academic status, and application date.